Cyclone Hydroseal Duffle 60L (Nile Blue colour) Waterproof


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If you’re packing for a water adventure that involves some travelling over a large body of water, Dakine’s newest duffle, the Cyclone Hydroseal, is the move. It’s fully submersible, meaning you don’t have to sweat about the possibilities that your phone, laptop and other electronics get thrown overboard.

Who It’s For: Anyone who loves to travel near water, or spends a lot of time on rivers, lakes, oceans or beaches with large bags.

Insight: The burly duffle features a YKK Aquaguard zipper that keeps water out and dry air in. Dakine threw the duffle into the water and submerged it for two weeks to see what would happen. Beyond some condensation inside along the ridgeline of the pack, the gear was all dry, functional and ready to use. Removable straps mean you can carry this bag like a backpack. There’s also a Cyclone backpack with the same zipper and fully waterproof main compartment.



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